Ferro Finishing was started in 1968 by Reg Nolde, in Sydney, Australia, as a manufacturer of supplies to the metal finishing industry. Ferro Finishing has since expanded into a well-respected and successful family business manufacturing polishes for the surface improvement of metals, lacquers, automotive paints, plastics, fibreglass, natural stones, ceramics, wood and imitation marble.

Ferro exports approximately 60% of its polishes to Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the U.S.A.

Ferro's polishes give the finishing touch to manufactured articles such as:

Automotive Paint
Marine Products
Stainless steel cutlery & kitchenware
Bull bars
Aluminium kitchenware
Jewellery and watches
Hospital furniture
Hotel and shopping centre fittings
Boat fittings
Lacquered furniture
Kitchen bench tops
Plastic sinks
Musical instruments
Semiprecious stones
Chrome plated appliances

Where Ferro Finishing polishes are used:

Service and repair industries such as smash repairers, car detailers, car and truck yards, transport companies, aviation, military, vintage car and motor bike restorers, musical instrument restorers, hotels and shopping centres, boat and surfboard restorers use our polishes.

The general public uses our polishes for the maintenance of cars, recreational vehicles, motor bikes, cutlery, brassware, jewellery, taps, nameplates, balustrading, door locks, chrome plated appliances, kitchen sinks and other household surfaces.

Manufacturing industries such as flatware, kitchenware, jewellery, watchmaking, automotive, architectural fittings, tap ware, balustrading, and assorted stainless steel fabricators use Ferro polishes.