Ferro's products are of the highest quality and performance.

Experience and flexibility are the characteristics of our company. We have gained experience by serving the metal finishing industry in Australia and Asia for 33 years. Flexibility is the result of our research in abrasive technology and surface chemistry. All our products are the result of our own research and not based on borrowed technology by way of licensing agreements with a principal. We are able to adjust a polish to any given requirement of our customer, as the technology is ours.
Ferro can custom make polishes specific to your application. Time can be a major cost item. We can develop polishes in such a way that they produce the maximum surface improvement in the time that has been allocated for a certain job. High volume manufacturing may justify the formulating of a polish for a specific application.
Ferro can make products for you to your specification in your packaging.

Our experienced staff will assist you in product selection. The right balance between the rate of substrate removal or cut and the ability to produce mirror brightness is essential for an economic polishing operation.