Ferro's Car and Truck Shampoo is a highly effective, easy to use shampoo for cars, trucks and other vehicles. The high-quality foaming and dirt floating agents in our shampoo break the bonds between paint and dirt, minimising scratching whilst washing. Contains gloss enhancers that will maximise the shine of your clean vehicle.

Special features:

* Highly concentrated, very economical to use.
* Compatible with modern car paints.
* Will remove buffing compound residue, bugs, tar, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants.
* Solvent free and biodegradable.
* Will not strip off wax.
* Easy, streak-free rinsing.

An ideal general bonding material for abrasives. It is applicable to all types of wheels and mops.

Method of application:
Thoroughly stir GRITBOND cement and apply to wheel. Allow to dry overnight. Alternatively, heat in a well ventilated oven for one hour at a temperature not exceeding 62 degrees Celsius. When the sizing coat is dry, apply a second coat of GRITBOND. Then press into the abrasive until the required coating is obtained, and then put away to dry. A second coat if necessary can be applied in the same manner.
Old wheels that have been previously dressed with skin glue must have all traces of the original glue removed before GRITBOND is applied. Wheels must also be clean and free of grease before dressing.

Packaged in 4 litre cans.

COMPEX is a blend of surface active agents, formulated to serve two functions:

1) As an additive for vibrato finishing operations.
2) As a metal cleaner specialising in the removal of polishing compound residues from polished metals by way of immersion. The cleaning process may be assisted by ultrasonic energy.

In mass finishing operations small metal articles are polished and deburred by causing articles to rub against each other and selected abrasive bodies in presence of COMPEX dissolved in water. The rubbing action is performed in a doughnut shaped vibrating container. The presence of COMPEX provides lubricated abrasion and therefore higher brightness. A further benefit is its ability to prevent abraded metal particles to adhere to the surface of its origin. Instead COMPEX suspends metal particles and provides clean surfaces. The optimum rate of addition is determined by experienced operators, but is normally in the order of 0.1 to 1% of the water present.

The use of COMPEX as a specialised cleaner for the removal of polishing compound residues is described below. It is effective on most metals, including steel, brass, copper, aluminium and also zinc base die-castings. In addition to its use as a cleaner after polishing, COMPEX is also extremely effective in removing oils and greases and is recommended for the general degreasing of components in engineering works. A further use for COMPEX is as an ultrasonic cleaner in the manufacture of small precision components, such as watch parts and for the cleaning of intricate jewellery.

OPERATING CONCENTRATION: COMPEX is normally used at 30 ml / litre. For ultrasonic cleaning only 20 ml / litre are recommended. Aluminium components require a lower concentration of only 10 ml / litre.

TEMPERATURE: 70 - 99 degrees. For ultrasonic cleaning not hotter than 70 degrees.

TANK MATERIAL: Mild steel tanks are suitable.

AGITATION: Mechanical or ultrasonic agitation assist with the cleaning.

TREATMENT TIME: 1 to 10 minutes.

After cleaning in COMPEX the articles are rinsed in clean water. The metal surfaces will be water repellent after this rinse. If electroplating is to follow, the water-repelling surface needs to be converted to a water-accepting surface by the use of a second cleaner with stronger alkalinity. We recommend Ferro GP2 as a soak cleaner and Di-Lec if an electro cleaner is required.
Packaged in 25 litre drums.

COMPEX is of mild alkalinity and can be discharged into the sewer without objection by most wastewater authorities. Skin contact may cause irritation and dryness if exposure is over a long period of time. For this reason we advise against more than casual skin contact. Washing with water after exposure is always recommended. Eye contact will cause irritation similar to soap solution. Wash the eye immediately with large quantities of water.