Ferro has been a specialist in the surface finishing industry for over 30 years.

This wealth of experience and technology has been drawn on to provide the best quality range of professional automotive products for the demanding automotive market.

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Cutting and Restoration

Ferro's BUFF THE SCUFF is our top compound for professional smash repairers and car restorers.

BUFF THE SCUFF removes the top layer of paint material that has been sanded, aged or weathered, and exposes healthy paint below. Thus scratches, oxidation and scuffs in automotive and gel coat surfaces are effectively removed.

BUFF THE SCUFF is also rapidly effective with surface defects on painted surfaces such as orange peel, water marks and 1000# to 2000# sanding scratches.

Of course being SILICONE FREE it is paintshop compatible and won't cause fish eyes or defects common with silicone contamination.

BUFF THE SCUFF comes in 3 grades, HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW CUT.


  • Reconditions weathered and oxidized paint finishes.
  • Is suitable for both fresh and fully cured hard clear-coats and single stage coatings.
  • Is free of waxes and silicones.
  • Restores the original brightness of painted coatings, fibreglass and plastics.
  • Is especially useful for automotive paints and marine applications.

Apply small squirts of BUFF THE SCUFF to the paint surface and buff with a lambs wool bonnet or foam pad on a hand held buffing machine. Observe the progress of your work and clean up by wiping with a soft cloth. To maximize gloss, especially on black coatings, follow up with Ferro's ZERO SWIRL on a softer pad or buff.


High Gloss

Removes swirl marks and minor defects on paint coatings, lacquered surfaces, plastic benchtops, imitation marble, musical instruments and other plastic surfaces.

ZERO SWIRL contains no silicone or wax, so what you see is what you get: an optically flat and defect free surface with a genuine shine. ZERO SWIRL is paintshop compatible and won't cause fish-eyes or defects common with silicone contamination.

May be used on its own or as a "touch up" polish after the application of Ferro's BUFF THE SCUFF.

ZERO SWIRL is a wax free polish that produces a more permanent lustre than polishes containing wax.

Besides automotive paints, ZERO SWIRL can be used on lacquered surfaces, plastic bench tops and sinks, imitation marble, musical instruments and other plastic surfaces.

Apply small squirts of ZERO SWIRL to the buffed area. Polish with a lambs wool bonnet or foam pad on a hand held buffing machine. For most efficient removal of swirl marks use firm pressure. Clean up by wiping with a soft, clean cloth. More polishing time may be required with ZERO SWIRL than with BUFF THE SCUFF. ZERO SWIRL is ideal for black coatings that tend to highlight swirl marks. To ensure best results we recommend dedicating a buffing pad to ZERO SWIRL only as contamination with other polishes will diminish the result.

High Gloss Wax (For auto detailers)

Ferro gleam is a high gloss wax for auto detailers, car beauty shops and car washes. It can be either hand or machine applied and will not dry on. It contains super-soft abrasives and buff-able waxes to produce a deep, long lasting "wet-look" Shine.

Apply FERRO GLEAM to the damp surface after washing the car. Spread it thinly and evenly with a clean cloth. Let it dry to a powdery coating. Then wipe away the powder with a soft cotton cloth, exposing the polished surface.

When buffed, FERRO GLEAM removes minor scratches, swirl marks and oxidation, imparting a lustrous, waxed, "wet-look" finish.

High Gloss Polish

The showroom paint finish in a bottle.

ONE SHOT's optical-quality mechanical cleaners simultaneously remove oxidation and surface contaminants, and polish underlying paint to a high lustre.
Finishes with a lustrous and deeply glossy finish.
ONE SHOT contains non-volatile silicone oils to enhance gloss and impart a deep, "wet-look" finish.

Apply ONE SHOT to the damp surface after washing the car. Best results are achieved using a power assisted wool buff or soft foam pad. The longer ONE SHOT is applied, the brighter the result. If the product dries on, spray lightly with water and keep buffing.

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Download - Procedures for Ferro's Automotive Polishes in Car Smash Repair

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Marine Sheen restores the new appearance of fibreglass and plastics on boats by removing the chalky, weathered, top layer. The healthy material below is then exposed and polished to a glass-like surface. The lustre produced is therefore not the result of a short-term polished wax surface but of a smooth, long lasting polyester surface.

Easy to use, MARINE SHEEN is highly effective whether applied by hand or by a polishing buff. To use just apply small squirts of MARINE SHEEN to the surface requiring restoration. Then rub either by hand with a clean, soft cotton rag, or by machine using a new lambs wool buff or foam pad.
Polish residues will wipe off to a clear, smear free surface. No washing is needed.

MARINE SHEEN can also be used to restore the shine of fibreglass and plastics on recreational vehicles, surfboards, and aeroplanes.


This "stone" has universal usage for stain removal on all surfaces, walls, floors, furniture, metals, bathroom fittings and vanities, plastics, glass, white goods and so on. Effectively removes stubborn, greasy or sticky residues on surfaces without leaving telltale scratches and marks, even on walls!

FERRO'S POLISHING STONE is a wonderful product to degrease and shine up chrome appliances and stainless steel kitchen surfaces such as splash backs, stoves, fridges, and so on.

Simply rub a damp sponge against the "polishing stone", and then rub onto stained surface. Wipe clean and rub with cloth if desired.

Many other competing products rely on harsher abrasives to remove stains and such products may dull these surfaces. Our POLISHING STONE brightens surfaces due to the high quality soft abrasive used, in conjunction with our stone's stain removal properties.


* Removes tarnish and increases brightness of all unlacquered metal surfaces.
* Maintains a mirror shine on your silverware, tableware and jewellery.
* No mess - easy to use.
* Simple to use cloth impregnated with ultra-fine polish.
* Just rub the cloth on the metal until the desired finish is obtained.
* Non - hazardous.
* Will not leave the noticeable scratches of poorer quality polishing cloths.
* Do not wash cloth.
* Store cloth in re-sealable bag.

CAUTION: The thin coatings of some precious metals may be affected by prolonged rubbing. Please test a small area first.

Suitable for the polishing of aluminium and chrome on trucks, cars, bikes and bullbars. More cut than LIQUID REFLECTION.
1 litre cans.

Apply a small quantity to a clean rag and rub the metal surface. As the rag turns black the metal becomes shiny. Excess polish may be removed by continued wiping or by washing with water. For polishing of large surfaces use a soft cotton or lambs-wool buff on a portable electric power tool such as an angle grinder or straight grinder.